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The work done on the exterior of your house is covered by this limited 7-year warranty.

We will warranty all labor for peeling, blistering or caulk cracking that has not worn according to the specs of the product.

The paint that is needed for these touch-ups will also be included in the warranty to said areas.

Upon inspection of needed areas, we will identify any defect and inform the customer as to the needed treatment. If any areas that are defective and not part of the original work done by us, you will be informed and can be assessed as to the necessary treatment to improve and care for your house in the professional manner that we are accustomed.

During the period of any necessary improvements, it will be completed in a timely manner.

All implied warranties will expire at the time set according to the dated invoice of said job.

We will bring the workmanship up to our professional standards at no cost to you.

This warranty is fully transferable.

What is not covered by this limited warranty

Staining of decks, fences or any other areas that use stain is not covered by warranty.

Front doors and shutters are not covered under warranty.

Fading issues are not covered under warranty.

Any wood rot that was NOT fixed when we painted the house is not covered under warranty.

Any wood replacement that WAS done there is no warranty.

Any new wood rot that needs to be addressed at said time will be an additional cost to the home owner.

This warranty does not cover any work done by other companies or contractors that may have affected the work we have done on your house.